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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poetry Of Weldon J Davis An Anthology

So this blog is about poetry,and the effect it has had on my life.As a child I was always awed by music,and at a very young age I knew the lyrics to my favorite songs.I thought that when I got older maybe one day I would follow my idols and become a singer.Well time passed,and I figured out I was no Sinatra.I had words though.... words swimming in my head that sounded like songs to me,but I never wrote them down.Well as a teen we all fall in "love" don't we?Mine was a girl named April.I thought she was the most beautiful girl I ever dated,and to be honest I didn't think I was worthy of her time.You know me being a child of poverty I didn't think I was rich enough for her.So I figured I'd tell her in my letters.Well I'd listen to Usher,H-Town,Jodeci...etc etc and write her these letters.I 'd stay on the phone with her for hours at a time.(How many of y'all done that as a teen?Don't front!!) Any way after I'd get off the phone with her I'd think of stuff to say to her and I'd jot them down...eventually they became poems.Not no Shelly or Wordsworth mind you,yet still they were poems.Well me and April didn't work out but I took with me a love for poetry.(Btw I seen April many years later and she was still as beautiful as the day I met her...she was married with 3 or 4 kids and I told her she was my original inspiration)The next girl I met afterwards well in the words of an artiste' was my greatest muse.If you known me a while then you know I'm talking about Kristina.She loved my words and she didn't care really if I was poor or not.What got me writing about her was she had seen some of the things I had wrote about April,and said "I wish a guy would write stuff like that about me"So I did I wrote about her non-stop she was my favorite addiction.In about a years time I had filled about 3 notebooks all about her.To this day those poems stand up to the ones I write today in my mind no question.She told me you know Weldon, you're very talented,and you should share your words with the world not just me.She was a writer in her own right for she had been in a book or two before I met her.Well I started putting my work on lo,and behold I won a few editors choice awards.Next I was asked if I would like to put some of my works in books such as the one she was in.Of course I let them,and I think 2 of them made it to books.I was nominated twice for poet of the year by the international society of poets in 2004 and has ceased to exist I think it became Lulu poetry still every now, and again I go to the site and look up those old poems.So with both of those nominations I had a chance to get a book deal.As fate would have it I couldn't attend either of those award shows.the first one was in Washington DC,and the other was in Las Vegas.I was working then so I couldn't take off from work to go jet setting,and really go for my dream.Well as you know I no longer am with Kristina,but to this day I still write about her from time to time.She's married as well,and has a daughter now.I'm happy for her,and I hope she found the love I could not give her.Which brings me to my time in prison in 2008.I wrote a lot of stuff in prison for people who couldn't find the words to express how much they loved their significant other or were illiterate.So some I kept others I didn't.When I got out I really stuck with my writing,and today if I'm stressed or inspired I find peace in putting the words on paper.I started a Facebook page on my birthday last year, and I put some of my favorites in my notes.If you happen to read this off and you dig poetry check me out on Facebook you should be able to see them on my wall.If you are a poet don't give up on your work!!Keep writing you can only get better,and if you find yourself lost for words in a really good one step back from it a few days,and come back to it.Well peeps thats it up to now anyway.I'm going to keep writing,and looking for my next muse...LOL

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