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Monday, February 7, 2011

To The Fans Of My Blog! #1

Well guys I was sick when I first heard I would no longer be getting paid for ads on my blog.To be honest I'm still a little blue over it.O well life goes on,and I still have a lot to say so ads or no ads I'm going to keep spilling my guts to you all.Just felt a lot better to get compensated for it thats all.Being how hard it is for me to get a job I was looking forward to getting paid to give you my spin of the news.I put a lot of work in these past two weeks,and being paid for writing brought out a different side of me I hadn't seen in a while.A side of me to which I thought for a second that I could do something I love,and get paid for it.Seems like the story of my life really.I think I'm happy then a monkey wrench gets thrown in da mix....So I'm waiting appeal,but I'm not to positive that they'll over turn it.....We'll see sometime this week I guess...So stay tuned to find out whether the folks at Adsense can find it in there hearts to forgive me for a mistake I didn't even know I made..........Thanks for reading friends your support is most greatly appreciated!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Marvin Gaye - Distant Lover

Soul Music............... The Influence It Had On Me

When I was a kid me,and my dad used to listen to some of the greatest music ever made.
The soul songs of the 60's and 70's.
These songs were popular in his teens and twenties so they always stuck with him.
He would stay up all night,and play artist like Marvin Gaye,Percy Sledge,Clarence Carter,Otis Redding,ZZ Hill......The prior mentioned artist paved the way for what is now todays R&B/Soul genre.
After I've had my fill of today's music I always come back to these great songs that remind me of my dad.He's been gone 10yrs,but every time I listen to these songsI feel like he is in the room.....

Now there are a few artist today that hold that same appeal to me.
R. Kelly,KEM,Maxwell,Neyo,Usher,etc etc.
So my generations music is alive and well.
I wonder one day if I'll have a son/daughter who will be inspired by the music I listen to.....Only time will tell.

The music had meaning back in my father's days.
Lessons which I still learn from to this day.
Just a few examples before I close.
"Take time to know her" by Percy Sledge taught me that when in a relationship with a person its best to get to know them before you go all in with them.
"Stroke'n" by Clarence Carter taught me that even with the faults I have it's still possible to love a woman,and have a good time.
"Distant Lover" by Marvin Gaye taught me that if you love some one enough you never give up on the possibility you'll be together again someday.

Thanks for hearing me out on this topic check out some vids on youtube from the before mention artist.
Really good stuff.
Feel free to come back and comment on how each song made you feel,or if you have a classic oldie that inspires you.

P.S.I think I've found my new motto for my blog.
"You keep reading,and I'll keep writing"
Once again thanks for the support!!
Click on the ads I get paid when you view them.
No purchase necessary.

50 Cent - Hustler's Ambition

Freedom Is A Mindstate

For everyone who has ever been
Reclusive this is your sweet
Escape from all the pollutants on this exclusive
Earth don't let no one tell you you're
Doing it wrong truthfully
Only you know what is right for you keep in
Mind that

I am not a prophet or
Savior more like

A ant around on the ground contribute'n to the

Mound of love and peace
I so desire
Never the less never
Down your
Are plenty of people on
This earth that will do that for you so
Enjoy what little time you do have here

Drama King (In Your Town)

You were the one who believed in me
Told me to live my life
No in between
When I do that you make a scene
I'm not your drama king

Drama king with his crown
Arguments plenty
Peace rarely found
He means so well
Yet he falls down
Drama king in your town
He's the one you blame
When your day goes bust
The one that you cuss
When some one you must
Always lonely whenever found
Drama king in your town

The one that you call
At 3 in the morn
When your souls
Crushed and torn
He listens,talks,takes fault
For the down
Drama king in your town
He's a jester
Loves to smile
Hates to see you un-happy
Yet once in a while
He makes you that way
The way he acts
The bullshit he might say
One minute it's complete
The next it's upside down
Courteous of the drama king
Of your town

Love Is The Word I Most Often Ignore

Love is the word I most often ignore
At least these days
No one loves me no more
I honestly can't blame them really
Should I?
As I try to love
I'd love to try
To be a normal guy
Too late my fate seems sealed
To be alone
To be concealed
From the world I used to adore
Love is the word I most often ignore
I don't know much about them
But to me a false love is a sin
Truly,I'd rather be greatly hated
Than to be falsely loved
By someone I dated
Ha!Date you say?
Relationships can not relate to my craze
I've stayed up for days,and
Slept just as much
Wanting for a touch,
A hug,
A kiss
My life is a dud,
A miss,
A bore
For love is the word I most often ignore
Some folks move on
Some settle the score
Some can't resit
To rub it in more
Their nice lives
Told through ice lies
Heard it all before
I've sure tried to do the latter
Then I remembered
It never mattered
That much to me before
So love is the word I most often ignore
I don't know the reasons why
I'm clueless by far
There is one thing I'm sure of
I understand you are
Dying for acceptance
Praying for change
Waiting to be heard
Tired of playing games
The sad part is the fact is
I can't help you
Live for the moment
Lend a helping hand
Listen to your problems
Or pen out a plan for your life
It could never be my chore
Love is the word I most often ignore

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mr.Rager Kid Cudi

Kanye West - Welcome To Heartbreak ft. Kid Cudi


Inspired I found myself
So awake
So full of desire
I found you asleep though
Tired from all the weeping
From all the lies I told you
All the broken promises
I was no good at keeping
So I told myself
No more would I hurt you
I'm leaving
So I left you
I left you so alone
So you found another love
Made his heart your home
So I left you alone
Though I swear I wish
I did not
All the wasted time
I did not
Figure that ever of me
Would you grow tired
Then you found another to love you
And you became inspired

Monday, January 31, 2011

Stacked Deck

For the love of the gamble
Some hearts are left in shambles
For it's so hard to gauge
The next turn of a spade

For all the girls who insist
Diamonds are a necessity
Most often found in da bars n clubs
Where they mess with me stress me

Out and about on a streak
Or a slump with the mind
Of a hustler or the heart
Of a chump

Life's a draw yet it's no
Suprize you only get one hand
Dealt in life..... my advice?
Be careful what you bet

In the blind left behind
By the biggest stack
Not for the skill they possess
Or the skill they lack it's

Simply because the cards
The deck the odds
Are stacked against us

Untitled #5

I remember why I am here
I am a liar
A thief
A crook 
A addict
My famous motto
One is never enough 
Applies to me fully
Unable to grasp my own sanity
I latch on to pleasures as a surrender
My means seem justifiable 
Yet, what are the ends 
I am looking to find?
Walking blindly on faith
In better days that are well
Behind me

Super Bowl 45 Predictions

Well one more week folks, and we get to see who's gonna take home the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy.Feb,6 in Dallas, the Pittsburgh Steelers will try to make it they're 7th overall all time.The Green bay Packers will have their shot at a 4th title respectively.Me ...myself I think Green bay is gonna bring the old hardware back to it's original home on Sunday.Only one thing is for certain.."Black and Yellow" will either be the most popular or un-popular song in the nation after the smoke clears.LOL.So here is my take on the game,and the teams who're playing in Super Bowl 45
 To me the Steelers always find a way to win.I don't know if it's luck or by the shear grace of god,but they do.Rashard Mendenhall looked good running the ball against the Jets and Big Ben has the experience and poise to lead his team to the promised land.You know after all the controversy at the beginning of the season I thought they would barely make the playoffs.Now once again they're the AFC champs go figure.Seen something on ESPN whereas the starting C for Pittsburgh may be injured.I hope the back-up is ready cause he's gonna have his hands full with Green bay's NT B.J. Radji.
As far as the Packers go,well they're my pick.Their road to the Super Bowl this year is eerily similar to Pittsburgh a few years back in Detroit.When Pittsburgh, a 6th seed like the Pack this year went on to take one home for Coach Cowher,and the Bus Jerome Bettis.GB has faced three of this years most explosive offenses,and they're still ticking.Aaron Rodgers has yet to have a breakout game yet in the playoffs I hope he lives by the mantra save the best for last.He is going to have his hands full as well with a Steelers D thats is just outright stingy on the run.Look for Rodgers to open up the play book a lil and try to get Troy Polamalu as winded as possible...if indeed that is possible.
So I never said it wasn't going to be close,but my pick for the record is Green Bay over Pittsburgh 27-13 big plays early in the game along with special teams give the advantage to the Packers.I guess we'll have to wait and see won't we?As the old say'n goes.Thats why they play the game.So break out those terrible towels,and those cheese heads I think this one is going to be classic.Stay tuned in to my blog next week for my follow up story where I will wonder what went wrong,or a 1500 page essay on I told you so.LOL

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Untitled #4

As the sun sets
My hopes rise
That this will feel like heaven
This Hell of a night
With my thoughts a blur
With my words slurred
I think of yesterday
Me and her
Never did it matter
How foolish I've been
As long as I had you
I could pretend
That I was better off
These days my thoughts sway
No where.....
Who cares?
Not you or I
If I was a fly
On your wall
Would you swat me away as you did?
Made me feel small
In the morning
I dress,and stroll
Forget'n all the pain
I've felt,and the toll
It's taken on me
Just to breath,and be normal
Seems like such a tall order
At times I swear
This is punishment for another life
So I fight these demons daily
Best I can
For I
Aspire to be a better man
Sure you understand
I'm sure you care
Just not enough of the latter
To be there
For me when I needed you the most
As the sun set
My hopes rose
On this hell of a night
That to me
Felt like heaven

Duke vs Carolina....A Rivalry For The Ages...Who Ya With?

Well last night I figured out that some things never change.Sugar is sweet,tequila makes her clothes fall off,and the Duke vs Carolina rivalry is alive and well.I'm a Duke fan have been now for 20 years.One of the first games I remembered watching was Duke's national championship game against UNLV where Bobby Hurley threw Grant Hill one of the most beautiful alley oops I've ever seen.If you by chance didn't get to see it no worries you can look it up at it was on the cover after all.
When I came into the bar last night I had a Carolina blue jacket on,and a Carolina fan tried to give me five.When I withdrew my hand and told him I was a "Blue Devil in disguise" I couldn't help but to laugh......hard.Duke vs Carolina fans are like family...we may talk shit to each other,but don't you do it.
Ok so Feb 9 we meet each other for the 240th time and Carolina leads 130-99 dating back to 1920.So yeah we've been at this for 90 years.Over the 20 years I've watched this show down we've won some and lost some,and I've seen players from both schools go on to be successful in the NBA.Carolina's claim to fame is #23 obviously,and they never get tired of telling you that.Duke on the other hand has always to me been more team oriented.There has been stars at Cameron Indoor Stadium,but not as many as the players who've played at the Dean Dome.The past couple of years have been tough on the Heels though so the games have been a little one sided in our favor.Call it better recruiting,or better coaching whatever you want to call it lately we've just been better.Last season,Carolina went to the NIT,(the not invited tournament)and salvaged a disappointing season by almost winning the NIT.Whereas Duke well what can I say?We are the champions my light blue friends.Funny thing is we're probably going to do it again.To most fans of Duke or Carolina though the championships are just a side note to this game.If both teams lost more games then they won in a season as long as we get that coveted win vs our rival all is well in the world.So I'm looking forward to Feb 9th....As I know many people in the Carolina's are...The question I want to know though is........WHO YA WITH?

2 Bars One Night....... Reflections

So I went to 2 bars last night.The Backdoor in Hope Mills,and Spirits Pub in Tallywood shopping center.Now those two bars could not have been any more different.

At the Backdoor I really didn't know anyone so I spent a lot of my time meeting people,and playing the jukebox. After a while though, I did meet a few interesting people there.I almost got to see 2 women brawl, but I think one of them was all talk or it might have been the other girl had a pool stick in her hand at the time of the argument I dunno.LOL besides that met a cat that freestyles and gave him some advice.I told him to stick with it,and no matter what people say don't let them discourage you.Well after 4 beers,20 songs, and a few punches on the electronic punching bag I was ready to head out of there.It was cool the bartender remembered me there so we caught up on mutual friends a little bit before my ride came to get me.

At Spirits ahhhhh AKA the house of illness....I got up there at about quarter till 1.....And when I walked in I seen sooo many people I knew it was ridiculous.If you didn't know any better you might have though I was running for congress from all the hand shake'n I was doing.I really don't get up there as much as I used to,but every time I do I have a great time.Waaay to many names to name, but I got to catch up with a lot of good people.At the end of the night I ended up catching a ride home with a good friend who never tells me no when I need a ride......One of the many reasons  I got her back if ever she needs my help.The point of this blog though is the polarity of the two places I visited last night.At one I was to myself.....having to take the convo's I had in small doses...To a place where I'm embraced and loved full of people to talk to with not enough time to do so.....

As far as feeling like I backslid or failed at my sobriety I don't think so.I had a few drinks felt good,and thats it.I got to thinking of responsibilities,and how they affect the decisions we eventually make.I've come to this conclusion as long as I can be responsible,and not bring no harm to others as well as myself I'm going to continue to drink socially.I still got to go to meetings though so I guess its going to be weird sitting in there.I don't want them to feel as if I'm cheating the system or nothing...I just got to attend these things to get my food stamps...So I figure I'll continue to go,and learn what not to do.....

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thoughts For Today

Well I had a good blog to share with you earlier,but a change in plans ruined the whole concept I was going to write about.So I was digging in my old Journal from prison,and the first thing I came across was an entry I made exactly two years ago.The funny thing about this is my feelings that day,and today are one in the same.

Jan 29 2009

 You know I once wrote a letter to myself,and it said that I was not to blame that I was just a victim of circumstance.It's been a while since I wrote that letter,and I wish I had it with me to read.I need encouragement right now,and I can only draw so much from myself.Now my mom,and my friends give me support from time to time,but I just feel like they say things to me to pacify me.I don't have no one who is successful in a positive way to inspire me.All I see around me is negative people,places,and things.But these are the people I love.I don't want to abandon them even if they would not do the same for me.Now in hindsight that is such a silly thing to say,but thats how my mind works.I try to inspire people to be better,but when it comes to me I find it hard to take my own advice.Funny thing is I wouldn't have it any other way.If I didn't have these problems in my life I could see myself doing well,but I wouldn't be as loved as I am right now.So I guess there is a certain bliss to my difficulty.It's just after you've added 2 and 2 together so long,and you keep getting 3.... you tend to get frustrated.I see people sometimes,and I admit I'm envious at the simplicity of their lives.I think to myself man why can't I have it that easy?The answer is I put too much thought into my everyday living that I couldn't be simplistic even if I tried.I don't want to settle for less in any aspect of my life.I'm afraid my time will run out one day,and then I'll realize I've passed by all my better years searching for the things that were never meant to be for me in the first place.The truth is I'd rather live like this than to lower myself to a level I know I'm better than.I've fooled a lot of people in my life,but the one person I've never fooled was myself.I can not betray what makes me happy,and live a certain way others see fit for me.I mean if people are so sure whats good for me why don't they try on my skin for a few minutes or my mind for that matter.Just my thoughts for today.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is Jimmie Johnson Ruining Nascar?

Well let me start off by saying this Jimmie Johnson is a champion point blank,and I'm a fan of his.I was a fan of his before he even won any of his titles.He is possibly the best driver next to Richard Petty, and Dale Earnhardt Sr. that the sport has ever known.Still fairly young, he has a chance to shatter the records set by the before mentioned drivers.The question I'm addressing though is he ruining Nascar?In my opinion the answer is no.He is a stand up guy by all accounts,and is a role model to kids nationwide.(A oddity in itself in today's sports market)Yet, on the flip side of this coin though is the fact that since the chase for the cup began 7 years ago Johnson has dominated the format.Winning 5 championships in a row unprecedented in Nascar's 63 year history.The two years before that he came in  second overall.There are 40 other drivers on any given Sunday,and sponsors......well want to sponsor winners/champions.What #48 does to some is take away excitement from other race teams as far as advertisement goes.I mean Joey Lagano the sports youngest driver,and Danica Patrick, a woman driver who's easy on the eyes,and a great Indy car driver in her own right still do not create the kind of revenue JJ does.With that being said,Nascar's ratings are down for the forth consecutive year with a loss of over 2 million viewers in that span with no sign of redemption.Thats a quarter of the viewing audience people!!!The sport itself is being punished for JJ's excellence if that makes any sense to you.Who cares to watch races with no meaning,or better yet a story we already know the script to.That at the end of the day,or should I say season Johnson will be hoisting the cup once again.Nascar says that it's biggest loss in viewers is in the male 18-34 year old demographic.So what's the magic bullet that makes it popular again?I don't know,but don't expect Johnson to drive any less harder on Sunday.The other teams need to step up ,and win some championships before Nascar becomes a one trick pony.

The Origin Of The Nickname Done DaDa

Some of y'all I see on the regular basis,and you've come to know me as Done DaDa.This is the brief story of how I became to be called that.When I was a teenager growing up off Reaford Rd in Fayetteville,NC I had a lot of friends in my neighborhood who had nicknames.Me well I went through a couple of different ones before I settled on Jazzy J.The reason being my middle name is Jay and I was always stoned.Back then "Jazzy" was slang for being high so thats the one I went with.I wanted to forget my name cause although the name Weldon is unique...... to me it sounds country as fuck.Like 5 years in a row I'd tell my classmates my name Jay which it is.Well all it took was someone from the neighborhood to call me my real name and it was over I was cool for like 3 days.(sigh)Well after I dropped out high school I started selling and doing drugs, and the guy who I bought the most from would answer the phone when I called him....Weeeeeeeeeellllllllllll Doooooone!!! LOL Any who I musta called him like 15 times a day so he shortened it to Done....Ok some years passed and nobody called me Jazzy J no more it was Done D, Crocodile Done D,Done-E,Well Well ,Well-Dog etc etc...well have you seen the movie Belly?The Jamaican guy who gets his throat slit by the woman in his house after he shot like 20 people?My friend Too Cool had seen it before me,and we came out the pool hall one day,and he said "the original Done DaDa fuck Papa!!!"We laughed and I didn't think nothing of it....Well over the next 2 to 3 weeks people started calling me that...It's been like 8 years ago and people in the neighborhood still call me that to this day...So thanks to TC and the movie Belly I became known as Done DaDa....  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poetry Of Weldon J Davis An Anthology

So this blog is about poetry,and the effect it has had on my life.As a child I was always awed by music,and at a very young age I knew the lyrics to my favorite songs.I thought that when I got older maybe one day I would follow my idols and become a singer.Well time passed,and I figured out I was no Sinatra.I had words though.... words swimming in my head that sounded like songs to me,but I never wrote them down.Well as a teen we all fall in "love" don't we?Mine was a girl named April.I thought she was the most beautiful girl I ever dated,and to be honest I didn't think I was worthy of her time.You know me being a child of poverty I didn't think I was rich enough for her.So I figured I'd tell her in my letters.Well I'd listen to Usher,H-Town,Jodeci...etc etc and write her these letters.I 'd stay on the phone with her for hours at a time.(How many of y'all done that as a teen?Don't front!!) Any way after I'd get off the phone with her I'd think of stuff to say to her and I'd jot them down...eventually they became poems.Not no Shelly or Wordsworth mind you,yet still they were poems.Well me and April didn't work out but I took with me a love for poetry.(Btw I seen April many years later and she was still as beautiful as the day I met her...she was married with 3 or 4 kids and I told her she was my original inspiration)The next girl I met afterwards well in the words of an artiste' was my greatest muse.If you known me a while then you know I'm talking about Kristina.She loved my words and she didn't care really if I was poor or not.What got me writing about her was she had seen some of the things I had wrote about April,and said "I wish a guy would write stuff like that about me"So I did I wrote about her non-stop she was my favorite addiction.In about a years time I had filled about 3 notebooks all about her.To this day those poems stand up to the ones I write today in my mind no question.She told me you know Weldon, you're very talented,and you should share your words with the world not just me.She was a writer in her own right for she had been in a book or two before I met her.Well I started putting my work on lo,and behold I won a few editors choice awards.Next I was asked if I would like to put some of my works in books such as the one she was in.Of course I let them,and I think 2 of them made it to books.I was nominated twice for poet of the year by the international society of poets in 2004 and has ceased to exist I think it became Lulu poetry still every now, and again I go to the site and look up those old poems.So with both of those nominations I had a chance to get a book deal.As fate would have it I couldn't attend either of those award shows.the first one was in Washington DC,and the other was in Las Vegas.I was working then so I couldn't take off from work to go jet setting,and really go for my dream.Well as you know I no longer am with Kristina,but to this day I still write about her from time to time.She's married as well,and has a daughter now.I'm happy for her,and I hope she found the love I could not give her.Which brings me to my time in prison in 2008.I wrote a lot of stuff in prison for people who couldn't find the words to express how much they loved their significant other or were illiterate.So some I kept others I didn't.When I got out I really stuck with my writing,and today if I'm stressed or inspired I find peace in putting the words on paper.I started a Facebook page on my birthday last year, and I put some of my favorites in my notes.If you happen to read this off and you dig poetry check me out on Facebook you should be able to see them on my wall.If you are a poet don't give up on your work!!Keep writing you can only get better,and if you find yourself lost for words in a really good one step back from it a few days,and come back to it.Well peeps thats it up to now anyway.I'm going to keep writing,and looking for my next muse...LOL

Support Your Local Music Scene

So I got a lot of good friends in this local music industry....Some better than others, but much love to all of you the same.If you get a chance to check out Fayetteville's underground music scene check some of these cats out.If you've never heard of ReverbNation well its a site where you can post your songs at a local and world wide level....My list of artist in the Fayetteville,NC area goes as follows in no particular order
Carolina Chris
Ryan B
Paul Masson
All of these guys are Hip-Hop acts I really have never delved into the rock n roll side of Fayetteville's underground......
Like I said I either grew up with some of these guys or I've had a few brews with them........
They work really hard at their craft to come up with music....
Believe me it's not as easy as it looks or we'd all have an album
So if ya bored and you need some stuff you haven't heard to play in ya ride,at a party,or where ever...
Look these guys up and give them a listen....
If any of them sound hot to you let me know I can hook you up with show info
Or at least how to get a copy of their CD
Thanks a million
Support your local artists
Tupac,Jay-z,Nas,Biggie etc etc Had to start somewhere

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


To all my friends out there down and out.....
I know how ya feel
When life hits ya hard
Really nothing to do or say
They keep take'n our life away 
Nothing I can do or say they keep taking my life away
Life what is it really?
Pleasure and pain
Loss and gain
We fall in and out of love 
And claim the same thing 
Next time they'll be better
Next time they'll do right 
Next time the Next time
I'mma lose sight of love and name it something else
Keep it all 100 and keep it for myself
See ya ass a running yeah you running outta breath
Ice cold soul took a stroll
A step atta time
Lost my composure
For a moment but now I'm fine 
Now that I vented

AA Meeting

Well folks ya boy just got back from his first AA meeting in the outside world.It was everything I thought it would be.I shared my story ,and everyone seemed to comment one way or another on how my story is similar to theirs.Truth be told I thought it was pretty cool to hear everyone's stories.I found that alcoholics come in all shapes, and sizes.The old man who's been clean 20 plus years.The good looking girl who told me it's alright to change my friends if they're holding me back.The back slider who fell off the wagon,but picked his self back up.A fellow con trying to do his thing and raise his daughter.Very inspiring stuff.....You know I was told to go so I can get food stamps and when I asked the guy to sign my paper..One guy came up and said "so thats why ur here"which I replied "if I can kill two birds with one stone why not?"So I got my white coin chip today I had a few drinks Friday night at a cookout so 3 days sober...You know It's interesting to ponder how long I can go w/o drinking....Like I've said in the previous post....I don't think I have a problem....Maybe I do maybe I don't thats up to me to decide I guess....All I know is I'm gonna attend the ones required and see where it takes me....I don't have anything to lose if I do go, and I can always go back to drinking at any time....Thats the thing about alcohol it's always waiting for you with open arms.It's not illegal to drink and all of my friends that I know of do so.....Well not the people there at the meetings of course.....But I didn't make any friends tonight there...I mean sure I shook some hands introduced myself bla zay bla......I always thought any friendship that is going to be worthwhile takes time anyway.......With that being said I guess I'll close this post.....Until tomorrow my fellow bloggers keep following and I'll keep blabbing.......Much Love......-Ya boy Well Well

Foodstamps AA/NA

Today I went and applied for food stamps......
And yes ya boy DoneDaDa is not a millionaire yet so every little bit would help me right now
.Being I have had past drug convictions I gotta go to these AA NA meetings to get assistance....
So I guess if I want to eat good next month I got to sacrifice and listen to other peoples problems for an hour or two...........
Not only that I have to get a sponsor within 6 weeks.....
So yeah kinda depressed today....
Just don't feel like hearing other peoples excuses.....
I mean I have to listen to my own everyday and that to me is enough....
I'm in denial because I don't believe I have a problem....
I used to I'm not gonna front on you all about that....
I wish those people who want me to do this could see me 3 years ago compared to today....
I'm a totally different person.....
If you know me personally you know I'm not lying about this....
3 years ago I weighed 165 lbs and I drank and did drugs everyday......
I had been on that route for like 2 years.......
I had a good friend who helped me quit....
More like made me quit.....
And I stayed clean for like a year.....
Well I had a relapse and me and that person are not friends no more.....
So back to addiction I went head first......
I finally landed somewhere where I can stay away from bad influences and people........
Today I am 215lbs and honestly I have my set backs,but I'm nothing like I used to be.
I still drink but not much maybe every other weekend I have a beer or 12 hahahah ......
But I don't see this as a problem...
I have control over it.....
It's not a everyday thing no more.....
What irks me about all this is only the drug felons have to go through this.......
What about all the other mofos I see drawing welfare and foodstamps they don't send them all to AA/NA Couldn't wouldn't be room for everybody

Monday, January 24, 2011

Friends Lost

So I was thinking today about life,friendships, and such and you know it really is a funny ride ya know?
One day you're joking and drinking with someone and the next they're gone....
Either they die, go to prison,or you're just not friends with them anymore.
Crazy how many people cross our paths in a life time,
 and the decisions we make to move forward to what we want....
We lose good friends along the way, clutching on to things we think for fill us...our accomplishments.
But what good are accomplishments if no one is there to be proud of us?
It's always tough I guess for me to pick friends to be honest .
I don't think I've ever picked a friend in my life....
They always pick me or at least it seems that way....
And I don't think I've ever lost a friend because they were holding me back in any way......
But on that note I'm not that accomplished yet come to think of it...(sigh)......
But I have lost friends along the way...
And truth be told the friends I lost I probably was holding them back in one way or another.....
But hey I gotta be me ya know?
I can't change to make you more successful....
Damn that sounds greedy doesn't it?
Guess thats the price you pay for being true to yourself......

On our way

On our way
Yes we are 
Gonna make it farther
Than last year
This year is ours 
No time for past faults
No time for silly games
Just time to vault
Time to gain
Stay with me people 
We can do it 
If we try
On our way now
No lie
Just truth
So lovely
In our talented youth
Keep on pushing
Seize the day
No turning back now
On our way

Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Night

So it's Friday!!!!!....Again it's on please if ya drive'n be sure to have a designated driver......Just Because the holidays are over that don't mean that the police are any less vigilant tonight..... Also the life you lose might not be your own.....So please for the love of all things sacred be safe and have fun!!!

Show some love

When you see your friends down and out...Do you help out or do you turn tail and run?And if you do run how do you feel when someone else does you the same way?Remember whats good for the goose...Is defiantly good for the gander.....So show some love today you never know when you might need some yourself..Peace.....-DoneDaDa