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Monday, February 7, 2011

To The Fans Of My Blog! #1

Well guys I was sick when I first heard I would no longer be getting paid for ads on my blog.To be honest I'm still a little blue over it.O well life goes on,and I still have a lot to say so ads or no ads I'm going to keep spilling my guts to you all.Just felt a lot better to get compensated for it thats all.Being how hard it is for me to get a job I was looking forward to getting paid to give you my spin of the news.I put a lot of work in these past two weeks,and being paid for writing brought out a different side of me I hadn't seen in a while.A side of me to which I thought for a second that I could do something I love,and get paid for it.Seems like the story of my life really.I think I'm happy then a monkey wrench gets thrown in da mix....So I'm waiting appeal,but I'm not to positive that they'll over turn it.....We'll see sometime this week I guess...So stay tuned to find out whether the folks at Adsense can find it in there hearts to forgive me for a mistake I didn't even know I made..........Thanks for reading friends your support is most greatly appreciated!!!

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