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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Soul Music............... The Influence It Had On Me

When I was a kid me,and my dad used to listen to some of the greatest music ever made.
The soul songs of the 60's and 70's.
These songs were popular in his teens and twenties so they always stuck with him.
He would stay up all night,and play artist like Marvin Gaye,Percy Sledge,Clarence Carter,Otis Redding,ZZ Hill......The prior mentioned artist paved the way for what is now todays R&B/Soul genre.
After I've had my fill of today's music I always come back to these great songs that remind me of my dad.He's been gone 10yrs,but every time I listen to these songsI feel like he is in the room.....

Now there are a few artist today that hold that same appeal to me.
R. Kelly,KEM,Maxwell,Neyo,Usher,etc etc.
So my generations music is alive and well.
I wonder one day if I'll have a son/daughter who will be inspired by the music I listen to.....Only time will tell.

The music had meaning back in my father's days.
Lessons which I still learn from to this day.
Just a few examples before I close.
"Take time to know her" by Percy Sledge taught me that when in a relationship with a person its best to get to know them before you go all in with them.
"Stroke'n" by Clarence Carter taught me that even with the faults I have it's still possible to love a woman,and have a good time.
"Distant Lover" by Marvin Gaye taught me that if you love some one enough you never give up on the possibility you'll be together again someday.

Thanks for hearing me out on this topic check out some vids on youtube from the before mention artist.
Really good stuff.
Feel free to come back and comment on how each song made you feel,or if you have a classic oldie that inspires you.

P.S.I think I've found my new motto for my blog.
"You keep reading,and I'll keep writing"
Once again thanks for the support!!
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  1. nice one..takes me back to the time when real music existed...though i am not that old...but still i have had my share of some good old soul music. thanks!

  2. Thanks for the feedback......Got more of these coming about the different genres of music I listen to......Thanks for the support you know the saying....You keep reading and I'll keep writing!!