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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Origin Of The Nickname Done DaDa

Some of y'all I see on the regular basis,and you've come to know me as Done DaDa.This is the brief story of how I became to be called that.When I was a teenager growing up off Reaford Rd in Fayetteville,NC I had a lot of friends in my neighborhood who had nicknames.Me well I went through a couple of different ones before I settled on Jazzy J.The reason being my middle name is Jay and I was always stoned.Back then "Jazzy" was slang for being high so thats the one I went with.I wanted to forget my name cause although the name Weldon is unique...... to me it sounds country as fuck.Like 5 years in a row I'd tell my classmates my name Jay which it is.Well all it took was someone from the neighborhood to call me my real name and it was over I was cool for like 3 days.(sigh)Well after I dropped out high school I started selling and doing drugs, and the guy who I bought the most from would answer the phone when I called him....Weeeeeeeeeellllllllllll Doooooone!!! LOL Any who I musta called him like 15 times a day so he shortened it to Done....Ok some years passed and nobody called me Jazzy J no more it was Done D, Crocodile Done D,Done-E,Well Well ,Well-Dog etc etc...well have you seen the movie Belly?The Jamaican guy who gets his throat slit by the woman in his house after he shot like 20 people?My friend Too Cool had seen it before me,and we came out the pool hall one day,and he said "the original Done DaDa fuck Papa!!!"We laughed and I didn't think nothing of it....Well over the next 2 to 3 weeks people started calling me that...It's been like 8 years ago and people in the neighborhood still call me that to this day...So thanks to TC and the movie Belly I became known as Done DaDa....  

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