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Monday, February 7, 2011

To The Fans Of My Blog! #1

Well guys I was sick when I first heard I would no longer be getting paid for ads on my blog.To be honest I'm still a little blue over it.O well life goes on,and I still have a lot to say so ads or no ads I'm going to keep spilling my guts to you all.Just felt a lot better to get compensated for it thats all.Being how hard it is for me to get a job I was looking forward to getting paid to give you my spin of the news.I put a lot of work in these past two weeks,and being paid for writing brought out a different side of me I hadn't seen in a while.A side of me to which I thought for a second that I could do something I love,and get paid for it.Seems like the story of my life really.I think I'm happy then a monkey wrench gets thrown in da mix....So I'm waiting appeal,but I'm not to positive that they'll over turn it.....We'll see sometime this week I guess...So stay tuned to find out whether the folks at Adsense can find it in there hearts to forgive me for a mistake I didn't even know I made..........Thanks for reading friends your support is most greatly appreciated!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Marvin Gaye - Distant Lover

Soul Music............... The Influence It Had On Me

When I was a kid me,and my dad used to listen to some of the greatest music ever made.
The soul songs of the 60's and 70's.
These songs were popular in his teens and twenties so they always stuck with him.
He would stay up all night,and play artist like Marvin Gaye,Percy Sledge,Clarence Carter,Otis Redding,ZZ Hill......The prior mentioned artist paved the way for what is now todays R&B/Soul genre.
After I've had my fill of today's music I always come back to these great songs that remind me of my dad.He's been gone 10yrs,but every time I listen to these songsI feel like he is in the room.....

Now there are a few artist today that hold that same appeal to me.
R. Kelly,KEM,Maxwell,Neyo,Usher,etc etc.
So my generations music is alive and well.
I wonder one day if I'll have a son/daughter who will be inspired by the music I listen to.....Only time will tell.

The music had meaning back in my father's days.
Lessons which I still learn from to this day.
Just a few examples before I close.
"Take time to know her" by Percy Sledge taught me that when in a relationship with a person its best to get to know them before you go all in with them.
"Stroke'n" by Clarence Carter taught me that even with the faults I have it's still possible to love a woman,and have a good time.
"Distant Lover" by Marvin Gaye taught me that if you love some one enough you never give up on the possibility you'll be together again someday.

Thanks for hearing me out on this topic check out some vids on youtube from the before mention artist.
Really good stuff.
Feel free to come back and comment on how each song made you feel,or if you have a classic oldie that inspires you.

P.S.I think I've found my new motto for my blog.
"You keep reading,and I'll keep writing"
Once again thanks for the support!!
Click on the ads I get paid when you view them.
No purchase necessary.

50 Cent - Hustler's Ambition

Freedom Is A Mindstate

For everyone who has ever been
Reclusive this is your sweet
Escape from all the pollutants on this exclusive
Earth don't let no one tell you you're
Doing it wrong truthfully
Only you know what is right for you keep in
Mind that

I am not a prophet or
Savior more like

A ant around on the ground contribute'n to the

Mound of love and peace
I so desire
Never the less never
Down your
Are plenty of people on
This earth that will do that for you so
Enjoy what little time you do have here

Drama King (In Your Town)

You were the one who believed in me
Told me to live my life
No in between
When I do that you make a scene
I'm not your drama king

Drama king with his crown
Arguments plenty
Peace rarely found
He means so well
Yet he falls down
Drama king in your town
He's the one you blame
When your day goes bust
The one that you cuss
When some one you must
Always lonely whenever found
Drama king in your town

The one that you call
At 3 in the morn
When your souls
Crushed and torn
He listens,talks,takes fault
For the down
Drama king in your town
He's a jester
Loves to smile
Hates to see you un-happy
Yet once in a while
He makes you that way
The way he acts
The bullshit he might say
One minute it's complete
The next it's upside down
Courteous of the drama king
Of your town

Love Is The Word I Most Often Ignore

Love is the word I most often ignore
At least these days
No one loves me no more
I honestly can't blame them really
Should I?
As I try to love
I'd love to try
To be a normal guy
Too late my fate seems sealed
To be alone
To be concealed
From the world I used to adore
Love is the word I most often ignore
I don't know much about them
But to me a false love is a sin
Truly,I'd rather be greatly hated
Than to be falsely loved
By someone I dated
Ha!Date you say?
Relationships can not relate to my craze
I've stayed up for days,and
Slept just as much
Wanting for a touch,
A hug,
A kiss
My life is a dud,
A miss,
A bore
For love is the word I most often ignore
Some folks move on
Some settle the score
Some can't resit
To rub it in more
Their nice lives
Told through ice lies
Heard it all before
I've sure tried to do the latter
Then I remembered
It never mattered
That much to me before
So love is the word I most often ignore
I don't know the reasons why
I'm clueless by far
There is one thing I'm sure of
I understand you are
Dying for acceptance
Praying for change
Waiting to be heard
Tired of playing games
The sad part is the fact is
I can't help you
Live for the moment
Lend a helping hand
Listen to your problems
Or pen out a plan for your life
It could never be my chore
Love is the word I most often ignore