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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

AA Meeting

Well folks ya boy just got back from his first AA meeting in the outside world.It was everything I thought it would be.I shared my story ,and everyone seemed to comment one way or another on how my story is similar to theirs.Truth be told I thought it was pretty cool to hear everyone's stories.I found that alcoholics come in all shapes, and sizes.The old man who's been clean 20 plus years.The good looking girl who told me it's alright to change my friends if they're holding me back.The back slider who fell off the wagon,but picked his self back up.A fellow con trying to do his thing and raise his daughter.Very inspiring stuff.....You know I was told to go so I can get food stamps and when I asked the guy to sign my paper..One guy came up and said "so thats why ur here"which I replied "if I can kill two birds with one stone why not?"So I got my white coin chip today I had a few drinks Friday night at a cookout so 3 days sober...You know It's interesting to ponder how long I can go w/o drinking....Like I've said in the previous post....I don't think I have a problem....Maybe I do maybe I don't thats up to me to decide I guess....All I know is I'm gonna attend the ones required and see where it takes me....I don't have anything to lose if I do go, and I can always go back to drinking at any time....Thats the thing about alcohol it's always waiting for you with open arms.It's not illegal to drink and all of my friends that I know of do so.....Well not the people there at the meetings of course.....But I didn't make any friends tonight there...I mean sure I shook some hands introduced myself bla zay bla......I always thought any friendship that is going to be worthwhile takes time anyway.......With that being said I guess I'll close this post.....Until tomorrow my fellow bloggers keep following and I'll keep blabbing.......Much Love......-Ya boy Well Well

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