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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Drama King (In Your Town)

You were the one who believed in me
Told me to live my life
No in between
When I do that you make a scene
I'm not your drama king

Drama king with his crown
Arguments plenty
Peace rarely found
He means so well
Yet he falls down
Drama king in your town
He's the one you blame
When your day goes bust
The one that you cuss
When some one you must
Always lonely whenever found
Drama king in your town

The one that you call
At 3 in the morn
When your souls
Crushed and torn
He listens,talks,takes fault
For the down
Drama king in your town
He's a jester
Loves to smile
Hates to see you un-happy
Yet once in a while
He makes you that way
The way he acts
The bullshit he might say
One minute it's complete
The next it's upside down
Courteous of the drama king
Of your town

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